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KINGSHIP is a supergroup consisting of rare Bored Apes and a rare Mutant Ape named Captain (vocals, bass), KING (lead vocals), Arnell (beats, drums, producer), and Hud (guitar, keys and vocals). KINGSHIP was created by 10:22PM and is supported by a team including Grammy Award-winning record producers and artists, a celebrity animator, and well-respected founders.

How can I learn about KINGSHIP’s story?

KINGSHIP is narrative-driven, with every drop and major announcement representing a unique aspect of the group’s story. Catch up on every chapter of the group’s story here page.

How can I connect with the team?

We are always in Discord and Twitter talking to the community. Team bios are available on our website.

Who is behind KINGSHIP’s music?

A supergroup needs superproducers, and we got 2 of the greatest. KINGSHIP’s music will be produced by Grammy Award winners Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy.

Does KINGSHIP have IRL products and where can I buy them?

Of course! KINGSHIP has already collaborated with iconic confectionery brand M&M’S on a limited edition candy drop. The group also dropped exclusive merch designed by the multi-talented David Sabastian. To buy KINGSHIP merch, visit our shop. This is just the beginning 👀.

How can I be involved in KINGSHIP?

You can chat with the team on our Discord or by tagging @therealkingship across social media. We also love highlighting fan art and content on our socials!

What if I am a flipper?

KINGSHIP is not for you. If you know anything about music and world building, it takes time. We are out front here. Plus, we are building something different altogether. Long ball frenz!!!

Key Cards

Frequently asked questions.

What are the KINGSHIP Key Card NFTs?

A collection of 5,000 access-enabled Key Cards that unlock the world of KINGSHIP, a supergroup consisting of three rare Bored Apes and a rare Mutant Ape. Membership, in the form of four exclusive Key Cards, provides access to the virtual world and unlocks music, exclusive content, utility, and a token-gated community over time. The world of KINGSHIP is located on an island far away from the swamp where the bandmates, Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud, were born. Four unique Key Cards represent each band member’s unique tower. By collecting all four members’ Key Cards, you gain entry to the Floating Villa where the magic really happens.

Do the Key Card NFTs have different rarities?

Yes! We’ve built a Key Card Distribution Chart for you to get a better idea. Click HERE to view or check our Discord. For the official rarity rankings, please go to the Official Links channel on KINGSHIP’s Discord and check out the collection on Trait Sniper.

What happens if I have multiple of the same member and tower?

Beyond the incredible collection and bragging rights, having more Key Cards can give you access to additional airdrops/claims, additional points in the check in experience, and so much more. If you have several of each member’s Key Cards (complete sets) or Legend Key Cards, you are eligible for multiple Floating Villa claims.

What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?

10:22PM/UMG is committed to building a sustainable business and harnessing the collective power of our people, artists, and fans to protect the planet and create an equitable future for generations to come. The 10:22PM team is compensating for 100% of the emissions attributed to this project. More info is available on our Discord.

Key Card Check In

Frequently asked questions.

What does it mean to check in my KINGSHIP Key Card(s)?

Checking in your KINGSHIP Key Cards allows you to earn points and benefits. The longer you are checked in, the more you unlock. You can purchase KINGSHIP Key Cards on OpenSea.

How do I unlock benefits?

Benefits are unlocked when you reach certain levels. To see which benefit is tied to which level, check out the Benefits page.

How do I redeem any benefits I unlock?

Instructions to redeem each benefit will be announced on Twitter and Discord. Please note that some benefits may not be redeemable instantly upon unlock, so stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for information on receiving any benefits you are eligible for.

Can I check in or check out my Key Cards at any point?

Yes, you may check in or check out individual Key Cards at any time. Checked out Key Cards do not earn daily points. If you check out all of your Key Cards, you will lose all points and levels earned. You may start over at any time.

Can I check in multiple KINGSHIP Key Cards?

You are welcome to check in as many of your KINGSHIP Key Cards as you would like. The more you check in, the more daily points you accrue toward your total, which will help you level up quickly, dominate the leaderboard, and unlock benefits.

How does the point system work?

Points can be earned in various ways, with several bonus points available throughout the check in experience. The only requirement for earning points is to have at least one Key Card checked in.

After the initial check in, 100 points can be earned daily just for staying checked in, regardless of number of Key Cards. Additionally, you will earn daily points based on the tier of each checked in Key Card (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Legend). Key Cards with signatures can also earn additional daily points. The point distribution for Key Card tiers and signatures is available on the Benefits page.

You are also eligible for an additional 20 bonus points daily by tweeting about KINGSHIP using the “Share to Twitter” buttons within the KINGSHIP check in experience. Max 20 points/day.

More opportunities to earn points will be announced via KINGSHIP’s Twitter and Discord.

When is the KINGSHIP leaderboard updated?

The leaderboard will be updated daily at 12:00am UTC.

When are my points updated?

Some points, such as the bonus earned upon initial check in and daily tweets, should reflect shortly after the action is performed. Others, such as daily points for remaining checked in, require an entire 24 hours to elapse and will therefore be updated daily at 12:00am UTC.

How do I earn points from tweeting?

Tweet using the "Share to Twitter" buttons located on check in confirmation, "Benefits" page, and "Leaderboard” page. Tweets must be sent from our website for us to track. Tweet bonuses are capped at 1 tweet per day.

Can I redeem the Floating Villa NFT without checking in if I hold a complete set (one of each member's Key Card) or a Legend?

You must check in complete Key Card set(s), meaning one of each member Key Card (any tier), and/or a Legend Key Card in order to get a Floating Villa NFT claim. These Key Cards must be checked in at the time of the claim. Stay tuned on Discord for claim details. Each complete set or Legend Key Card is eligible for a Floating Villa claim, so if you hold several complete sets or Legends, you are welcome to check in all of them.

What if I want to disconnect my wallet?

In order to disconnect your wallet, you will have to manually disconnect from your wallet extension or app. Disconnecting your wallet will not impact your check in progress.

What if my KINGSHIP Key Cards are stored in a cold wallet?

In order to check in, you must have your KINGSHIP Key Cards in a hot wallet and connect using that wallet. After you check in, there is an option to add your cold wallet address under the “Account” page. You will not need to sign anything with your cold wallet, this is just for us to verify you are the owner of both wallets as these addresses will live under the same account. You can then transfer your Key Cards back to your cold wallet for safety without losing check in progress.

What if I transfer any of my Key Cards that are checked in?

If you transfer the Key Cards to a cold wallet you connected through the check in experience, under the "Account" page, your progress will not be lost and you can remain checked in.

If you transfer or sell a checked in Key Card, that Key Card will no longer fall under your account. Therefore, it will be removed from your collection and no longer earn points for your account.  

The recipient of the transferred Key Card can check in the Key Card under their own account, but the points are non-transferable between accounts.

Kurt the Roadie

Frequently asked questions.

Who is Kurt the Roadie?

Read Kurt’s story HERE

How do I receive a Kurt?

Kurt were airdropped to KINGSHIP Key Card holders on November 9, 2022. Eligible wallets were based on a snapshot of holders taken at 5pm PT on November 6, 2022.

Will the tier of KINGSHIP Key Card(s) matter for the airdrop?

Yes. The tier of your Key Card will guarantee a Kurt with at least one trait of comparable rarity. Given the random generation of Kurts, it is possible for a Key Card holder of any tier to receive extremely rare traits + combinations and even a Legend with its own, unique superpower! The incredible art makes each trait desirable, but most importantly, he is your 1/1 unique Kurt.

Is it true that one member receives extra?

Yes, all KING Key Card holders will receive an extra trait to add to their Kurts. This will be airdropped to their eligible wallet on a later date! Stay tuned.

UPDATED: We decided that an extra trait is cool BUT a DeeDee is cooler. DeeDee is a new character designed by Jack Lanza. To be eligible you must hold a KING Key Card for the airdrop.

Will we have to pay gas fees to receive a Kurt?

This is an airdrop to KINGSHIP Key Card holders by 10:22PM.

Who designed the Kurt the Roadie collection?

Kurt has over 200 traits that were hand drawn by KINGSHIP's Creative & Animation Director Jack Lanza. Out of these 200, a special selection were designed in collaboration with KINGSHIP's Grammy Award-winning Co-Executive Music Producer and prolific visual artist James Fauntleroy.

Are there any Legend Kurts?

Yes, all Legend Key Card holders were airdropped a Legend Kurt. To expand the number of Legends in the world of KINGSHIP, the Kurt collection features 12 Legends in total, 8 of which were randomly airdropped into any eligible wallet. Each Legend Kurt has a 1 of 1 "Superpower" trait.

If I don't have a KINGSHIP Key Card, am I eligible for a Kurt airdrop?

Yes, any wallet who did not own a KINGSHIP Key Card had access to register via HeyMint for a chance to win 1 of 100 airdrop spots allocated to non-holders. You can also pick up a Kurt in the secondary market.

Frequently asked questions.



Frequently asked questions.

Who is DeeDee?

DeeDee is a character art drop coming to wallets holding a KINGSHIP KING Key Card. Stay tuned for her story.


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