Chapter IV

Kurt the Roadie

You probably already met Kurt.

You just may not have noticed.

Kurt has been with KINGSHIP since the beginning, wrapped around Arnell’s shoulders.

When all eyes are on apes and mutants, it’s easy to miss a pink flamingo.

Going under the radar is one of Kurt’s greatest talents, along with his incredible sense of balance and infallible memory. This is what has made Kurt one of the most legendary roadies of all time.

He can recall anyone he’s ever met or seen, even if just for a moment, as well as recognize any song he’s ever heard. Not to mention knowing by heart where every cord, pedal, light, and banana go in KINGSHIP’s elaborate stage set-up.


Before joining KINGSHIP, Arnell toured the most decadent swamps of the world as a DJ. It was at Ministry of Sludge where she first came across Kurt, who was working as a barback in the club.

Kurt was standing on one leg behind the crowded bar, balancing numerous glasses, while thrusting his head down a sink to remove an olive that was blocking the drain.

In search of her first crew member, particularly a great multi-tasker and hard worker who could take care of numerous jobs for him, Arnell hired Kurt as her roadie in exchange for a bucket of brine shrimp. The two have been inseparable ever since.

There have been tough times, when Kurt had to go weeks without any caviar, but fortunately flamingos are incredibly loyal.

When Arnell first joined forces with Hud and Captain to form KINGSHIP, part of the deal was that they hire Kurt and give him a raise. So Hud and Captain gathered a jar of fly larvae, presented it to Kurt, and KINGSHIP had their first and best roadie.

Thanks to Kurt’s great memory, KINGSHIP were able to charm and flatter the DJs, promoters, and music executives they met on the way up.

Kurt also has other uses, since flamingos fly and apes don’t. It was thanks to Kurt that KINGSHIP were able to build and access a Floating Villa above the four individual towers where they live.

In honor of the flamingo behind the group, KINGSHIP is proud to announce that every Key Card holder will be dropped a unique Kurt.

After all, you’re going to need Kurt the Roadie to show you to your tower, and possibly even fly you up to the Floating Villa.

Every Kurt will have a different combination of traits, in recognition of your uniqueness. Legends have superpowers. Kurt was hand drawn by our creative director and beautiful creative spirit, Jack Lanza. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a Kurt designed by our very own James Fauntleroy, Grammy Award-winning producer who’s currently working with another Grammy Award-winning star Hit-Boy and KINGSHIP. In addition, for KING Key Card holders, you will receive an extra airdrop soon. Why the KING? It’s KINGSHIP after all, and we will spread Key Card benefits around different members and traits as we build. Make sure to check our official Twitter and Discord. Kurt has some royal surprises in store for you.