Chapter VI

The Portal

Contrary to popular belief, Manager Noët All does not know it all, and she’s going to need some help…because the band is MISSING.

Where could they be? She searched every location on KINGSHIP’s map, looking underwater and around the wooden shack, but the band members were nowhere to be found. There was only one place left to search, but that would mean entering…THE PORTAL!

Manager Noët All had heard rumors of what lies across The Portal, but she had never been there herself. The band must have crossed The Portal to build their towers, she thought. She swallowed her fears and, with a big gulp, piloted her plane straight into The Portal.

While crossing The Portal, her plane was hit with heavy turbulence, causing it to spin out of control. She became so dizzy that she lost track of time. Did it take 2 seconds, 2 minutes, or 2 days to cross The Portal? She had no clue. But when she found her bearings, her jaw dropped and her eyes lit up with excitement as she witnessed KINGSHIP’s towers for the first time in all their glory.

Then, things got weird. As she looked to the islands below, she noticed the band’s favorite items scattered along the sand and unfamiliar creatures roaming the wilderness, but still no sign of the members. She needed to find them, and find them fast! Her manager instincts kicked in, and she began developing a search plan. Will it be successful? We hope so.