Chapter II


It was the sweetest decade of rock ‘n’ roll -- or was it?

In the 1980s, one of the world's biggest rock bands insisted in its tour rider that concert promoters provide M&M’S®, but remove all the brown ones.

It was widely believed to be a test, with the world envisioning someone laboriously picking through the small candies proving that they indeed don’t melt in your hands.

In actual fact, the candy clause was a brilliant measure. It was a way to quickly check whether a concert promoter had followed the rest of the instructions on their tour rider or not. A quick scan of the bowl was enough to know whether anyone had taken shortcuts or if they truly paid attention to the other important details requested by the artists.

But what happened to those brown M&M’S? At last, that mystery has been solved. KINGSHIP™ wanted them all to add to their mix. Not just the brown M&M’S, but every single color.  

As KINGSHIP grew in stature, and began touring larger venues, lead guitarist Hud convinced the rest of the band - Captain, KING, and Arnell - to join him on an adventure during the downtime between soundcheck and the show: A search through the labyrinthine backstage areas of each venue for these legendary M&M’S to make each show sweeter.

They found several crates of M&M’S in a broom closet at one of New York’s most historic arenas, a buried cache at a rustic Amphitheater in Colorado and a few strays in the Queen’s Royal box in London. They weren’t always successful. At some arenas, the bands that had been through before them had consumed the leftover candy, hoping they contained within them the secret to rock ‘n’ roll mastery.

But the members of KINGSHIP knew: The 1980s tour rider story was from another era. The key to living in the present is inclusion. So, they resisted the strong temptation to consume the candy, and instead united all the of the colorful M&M’S together.

As their career continued to grow, the members of KINGSHIP ran out of room in their rehearsal space to hold these sacred sweets. Fortunately, they had become lucky enough to build their own island.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Legend has it that deep in the swamp, there is a mass of floating land where the M&M’S collected and united from every corner of the world.

In homage to this incredible feat of dedication, Mars, Inc., the makers of M&M’S, will officially collaborate with KINGSHIP on special limited edition boxes and jars of M&M’S. 1,000 of the Celebratory Boxes from this partnership will be reserved for KINGSHIP Key Card NFT holders only, and allocations will be shared after the public sale of the Celebratory Boxes.

Yes, Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud will be appearing on packages and individual M&M’S candies. They are the first NFTs to do so. And this is just the beginning of a series of massive KINGSHIP collaborations to roll out.

Why start with M&M’S?

Because Manager Noët All wanted to pay tribute to one of the most classic rock ‘n’ roll stories of all time. And because KINGSHIP is about honoring the past while moving forward to a better future. One of diversity, inclusion, and elevation.