Chapter I

A New Beginning

KINGSHIP is the first supergroup of apes signed to a major label. They are known for their multi-Ethereum-selling music, their unique blend of boredom, and their island kingdom.

They first came together many blocks ago, at Really High School, where lead guitarist Hud was an outsider because his classmates felt his laser eyes were a clichéd trait. Another freshman, Captain (bass), who’d learned to be tough early on because his traits clashed, stuck up for him and a friendship was formed.

Life on the Ethereum blockchain isn’t easy. You can’t just change your traits. You’re stuck with them for life. All that you can change is the way other apes think about them. Bonded by the belief that great music brings every species together and transcends traits and rarity, they formed a band soon after.

Naming themselves Darkship, they spent years struggling, shuffling through singers, and playing at dive bars in the swamp. After performing at a small island party, they met Arnell, a Mutant DJ. Hitting it off immediately, they convinced her to produce and eventually join the band.

Through Arnell’s connections, they began to build a small following and attracted the attention of the legendary Manager Noët All.

At the time, Manager Noët All was doing volunteer work, helping Apes escape from the great gas war. She bridged the former King of Solana, now known as KING, to the Ethereum blockchain, using an artist visa. The plan was for KING to pretend that he was a member of the band, but it turned out he had serious talent.

KING began sharing vocal duty in the band with Hud and Captain, and the rest is history. To this day, it is a matter of some dispute and controversy whether KING was the actual King of Solana or not. What is agreed by everyone, though, is that KING rules the swamp as the singer and front-Ape of KINGSHIP.

KINGSHIP currently reside on the island where they first met Arnell. They are in the process of building four towers, one for each member of the band; each with its own unique properties and powers.

Good luck minting your Key Card. Which tower will you get —and what will happen there? You’ll find out soon.