Chapter VII


As Manager Noët All pondered the best approach to finding the members, she lost control of the plane and landed straight into the sand on Arnell’s island. Discombobulated, she looked up from the flight control system, but then she froze, awestruck by the beauty of the towers and the enchanting Floating Villa above. It was clear that each member had completed the construction of their towers, but where could they be?

En route to the Floating Villa, Kurt the Roadie spotted Manager Noët All’s plane in the sand and rushed to her assistance. He informed her that the band members were last seen on each of their respective islands, but that each island was threatened by an evil boss that prevented the band members from escaping and uniting to work on music.

Manager Noët All knew that they could not beat the bosses alone. But luckily for her, she knew exactly who to call for in times of help: KINGSHIP’s greatest supporters, the community! And with that, she calls upon the community and new players to make the journey to KINGSHIP Islands and help bring the band together!

KINGSHIP Islands allows you to explore the band’s world on your mission to find each member. There will be thrilling quests and unique items available along the way! Plus, you can hang out in the one and only Floating Villa, where you may or may not hear some KINGSHIP music when it’s first released.

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