Chapter V


Have you heard about the DeeDees? It is rumored that they come from deep within KINGSHIP’s island, possessing a unique bond with the island’s elements and the stars in the sky. These creatures consider themselves the “protectors of the island’s living core” and will instinctively do what is best to keep the island free from outsiders who do not want to live in harmony with their kind.

While building his tower, KING one day discovered an adorable creature playing the guitar and strumming a tune that filled his heart with joy. As KING watched and listened, he was blown away by the creature’s musical talent, bright fur, and playfulness. At the same time, this diminutive, musical creature felt KING’s strong presence and noticed him bopping his head to the little tune being played. KING clearly had a love of music, and the little creature knew that KING would bring good things and good people to the land for all to enjoy. At that moment, the creature leapt down and latched himself to KING’s shoulder to help guide him on his journey and be his constant companion. KING named his little companion DuranDee.

DuranDee loved to teach KING of the island's long history and lore, including the tale of the Cybers. The Cyber DeeDees, with their glowing masks that somehow conceal their faces, are believed to be created by an advanced AI system to help protect the other DeeDees from outsiders who may do them harm. Because of this, the Cybers had decided that KINGSHIP’s members were invaders to the land and a hazard to the wellbeing of all DeeDees.

KING then realized why there had been so many problems with the construction of the KINGSHIP towers. From the lowering of crypto prices, to the removal of creator royalties from major marketplaces, he understood that the Cybers would stop at nothing to impede KINGSHIP’s pursuits. He needed to stop this, so he consulted with DuranDee to find a solution. DuranDee knew the only DeeDee powerful enough to stop the Cybers is Luna; a star-catching prophet that could use their energy to calm the Cybers and overwrite their prime directive.

After a meeting where KING played Luna some of KINGSHIP’s music, Luna became an instant fan. They agreed to help the Cybers accept KINGSHIP under one condition: KING would employ two of Luna’s legendary cousins, Pizza and Taco, who were respected amongst the DeeDees for their incredible recipes, as Head Chefs at KINGSHIP’s towers. From that day forward, the Cybers were trained to support and protect KINGSHIP, and the towers’ construction was never hindered again.

Because KING viewed DuranDee as such a beloved and trusted advisor, he wanted all of his tower’s guests to experience the companionship of the DeeDees. So, KING ordered that all KING Key Card holders get a unique DeeDee of their own. But keep in mind, there may be more DeeDees on the island seeking friends…